University Lodge Liverpool No. 4274

University Lodge Liverpool No. 4274 - Update the existing websiteUniversity Liverpool Lodge 4274 – What to do when you have an existing website, but you can’t update it? In fact you have lost the passwords to it?  Get in touch with Masonic Website, and they will quickly craft (!) or update the existing website. You can then divert the old one to the new one, and update to your hearts content.

In the process you get a site that is mobile ready, looks great, and contains all the info that you want.  We hear this quite a lot.  Someone in the Lodge built a site a few years ago, and it was fine. Then they left, lost the password, or were unable to update it. The site is built on software that no-one else can use, is really hard work, so the site never gets updated.  it then drifts along becomign an embarassment to the Lodge. If this sounds familar, then drop Masonic Website a line via our contact page.