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Britannic Lodge Madeira

We built a simple website for this Freemason lodge based in Funchal Madeira

Sometimes you just need to keep it simple, so we built a simple website for Britannic Lodge Madeira, a Freemason lodge based in Funchal, Madeira, off the coast of Africa.

It’s another international website built by us! The initial enquiry came via our contact form, showing how effective a good mobile website can be!!


We made the most important element, the contact form, as the highlight on the front page, and also added the new branding as a background to give it a fresh feel.

If this is something that you would like to do for your Lodge, then don’t delay, get in touch with Masonic Website today!

A great example of how a simple site can work for a Lodge of Freemasons, whether you are based in Madeira, Portugal or anywhere else in the world.

We enjoyed working with Britannic Lodge Madeira and got this site live within two weeks.  We can do the same for your lodge

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