Are there too many Lodges?

As any Province’s Annual Festival report will show, Freemasonry is constantly losing and gaining Lodges.   New Lodges are formed, and old Lodges close. This got us thinking, are there too many Lodges? Is it too easy to start a new Lodge? Should we look at all options for resuscitating struggling Lodges in the area of a proposed new Lodge before granting a Consecration? Sure there are logistical hurdles to… Read More »Are there too many Lodges?

Special Interest Lodges

We are a firm supporter of Special Interest Lodges.  The camaraderie from sharing not one, but two interests (Freemasonry and the Lodge’s theme) is truly fantastic and of great benefit to the social aspects of a Lodge. We would be interested if any of you have examples of any other interest based Lodges, and any views positive (or negative) on them. Examples Scouting Boys Brigade Schools and University Lodges Sports… Read More »Special Interest Lodges