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Why do Lodges need a website?

Modern Freemasonry and the need for a website.

  • We have heard it asked a few times “why do lodges need a website?” Modern freemasonry is essential in a world that is so technologically advanced. These days people search for information on something before they act. If someone is looking for Freemasonry in your area and you don’t have a website you can be sure that they will happen upon another Lodge that does. This is why your Lodge needs a website
  • Younger prospective members in particular expect organisations to have an internet presence. They also will be looking on social media, particularly Twitter, to see how active you are. We can help,Β  Certes Lodge on Twitter had 461 followers at the last count, is growing rapidly online and is attracting new members regularly.
  • Keep in touch with your existing members, and share information easily
  • Why not show off some of your history, your Temple, your Festive Boards?
  • We can create a secure members only area if you wish
  • So, if you are convinced as to why do Lodges need a website, or you have any more questions about helping Lodge move into the World of modern freemasonry – Get in touch by contacting us
"The end result has stood the test of time, and continues to bring in 3-4 new members to the Lodge every year."