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Masonic Website Design FAQs

Couldn’t I do this myself?

Yes you could. However we are experts at masonic website design and we can do it quickly, efficiently and for a very reasonable budget. Save yourself the time and effort and get in touch.

We already have a website, can you convert it?

Yes. We always recommend using WordPress.  If you are already on WordPress we can help you update your site. If you aren’t then we can move you over to it no problem.

Can you do a members only section?

Of course. Semper Amicus has one of these. Only members who have been added by you will be able to access the members only area. However these are currently not recommended for those sites wishing to have a Charter Mark

Charter Marks

See more on Charter Marks here

What host do you use?

For most Lodge websites we use WordPress.com.  For bigger jobs we use either your exisiting host, or 123reg or TSO Host.

What are the annual fees?

Currently £36 if we use WordPress.com. Thats all. And we don’t make a profit on that, it’s for the hosting. Read more here on our Pricing

How do I show the design to other Lodge members before we launch?

This is easily accompished, and we will manage it all for you.

Can you set up Social Media accounts for us?

Of course.  Twitter, Facebook Groups, Pinterest, Instagram whatever you need we are happy to arrange for you.

Where will we rank on Google Search Results (SERPS)?

Your site will rank for your Lodge name very quickly. We will also endeavour to get your site ranking well for searches relating to your local area and freemasonry.  Certes Lodge ranks really well for Freemasonry in London for example, and as a result has been attracting new members via this route for the last few years.

Can you add email addresses for us?

We can of course, but we would suggest using a free gmail. ie secretaryyourlodge@gmail.com

Can we upload documents?

Yes absolutely.  Very easy to do. Emulation Lodge of Improvement host their programme of events on their site.

Can we add a way to sell tickets to events?

Very easily. We can integrate you with marketing leading Eventbrite, for your paid, and non paid events. Emulation Lodge of Improvement have very successfully integrated Eventbrite, which offers a complete payment and booking service.

Why do you recommend WordPress.com?

For most Lodges (and many businesses) WordPress.com offers enough freedom to be able to get the design that you want, but also offers significant benefits compared to other hosts.  It is rock solid, in over 8 years of using it, we have never had a SINGLE SECOND of server downtime. It is fantastically pre programmed for excellent SEO results. It is easy to use, coming with loads of great plug ins.  There is no monthly hosting fee, and just a very small fee to use a custom domain name.  Don’t get caught out by someone telling you that you need more than you do.  If you need a more complicated site though we will build on WordPress.org . Don’t worry we can explain all of this to you!

Can you offer ongoing support?

Within reason we will work free of charge on your site on an ongoing basis for you. We will upload content, manage the site, teach you how to use it.

Can you offer training?

Yes. We can do it over the phone, Skype or even face to face. We can help you to explain to the rest of your Lodge how the site works.

Why should we use you for our masonic website design?

We are on the Square, love the production of masonic website design and we also offer our services at very affordable rates!

Will our new site work on mobiles?

All of our websites are 100% mobile optimised. At least 50% of all traffic to websites is now via mobile. This figure is growing rapidly.  To use a website design that is not mobile ready is a total waste of money.

What about the other Masonic website design sites?

Peace and harmony to all, however they use proprietary design tools.  If they close down, your website will be closed. Using WordPress.com means that we don’t host your site, so it will never be at risk. Also, have a look at their website. Does it look modern? Does it work on mobile?  Does every site they design look the same? We won’t say any more.

What will my websites address be?

It’s up to you!  We can offer guidance, and can buy and activate the domain for you. There won’t be any of this www.yourlodgename.masonic-website.org.uk nonsense either. That means that your site is a sub site of another domain, which is a surefire way to not rank highly on Google. It is also incredibly cumbersome, and the risk of user error typing the domain name is very high.

The shorter the better, there is less room for error when people type it in, Google much prefers short, and hyphens are always a no no.  We would recommend against using your Lodge number as well,  but it is your choice.  Some of the sites we have designed are nice and short eg certeslodge.org emulationloi.org. Don’t let anyone tell you to get a .com, or a co.uk  – Your Lodge isn’t a business.  Also .org.uk is an unnecessary cost.

Do you design websites for non-masonic businesses, societies and people?

Yes we do. Please contact for a quote based on your requirments.

Can you help if I am based outside of the UK?

No problem at all. Websites are international, and so are we.  As an example we designed this wonderful site for Peninsula Lodge in the USA. We might not be able to do many face to face meetings if you aren’t in the UK though!

All of this sounds great, how do we proceed?

Thats the easy part! Just use the contact form and we’ll get back to you straight away