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Are there too many Lodges?

As any Province’s Annual Festival report will show, Freemasonry is constantly losing and gaining Lodges.   New Lodges are formed, and old Lodges close. This got us thinking, are there too many Lodges? Is it too easy to start a new Lodge?

Should we look at all options for resuscitating struggling Lodges in the area of a proposed new Lodge before granting a Consecration? Sure there are logistical hurdles to overcome in reviving a Lodge, but then there are in forming a new Lodge as well. Some Lodges have hundreds of years of history, and close in the same period and Province as a new Lodge is formed.  Couldn’t the two parties be put in touch to see if a “take over” could be put in place?

We appreciate that personal interests, and potentially ego has a role here, and that there are benefits to be a founding member of a Lodge, but we currently aren’t sure if every avenue is being explored before Consecrating a new Lodge.

Special interest Lodges – Are different in that they are still relatively few, and so founding a new Lodge where members can share their passion for Freemasonry with their special interest is clearly a good idea and beneficial for everybody. Article here on MQ magazine about Flyfishers Lodge

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Are there too many Lodges?