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Charter Marks

Lots of our clients ask about Charter Marks. Naturally everything we build more than fulfils UGLE’s requirements. Please see one of our sites carrying the charter mark here

Does our site need a charter mark though?

  • No – There is no objection to Metropolitan, Provincial and District Grand Lodges, or individual Lodges and Chapters setting up websites


What is the UGLE charter mark?

  • The UGLE charter mark is a quality standard that you’re an approved Provincial/District or Lodge
  • Approved sites have the right to carry a Charter Mark on their homepage, which is a small
    representation of the UGLE logo together with your Province/District or Lodge name.
  • The Charter Mark must include a hyperlink to the United Grand Lodge of England website.
UGLE Charter Mark

If we want one, how do we get a charter mark?

  • If a Lodge is interested in obtaining a UGLE charter mark, they must contact their Province and District.
  • Once approved, they’ll be able to issue them with the new Lodge charter mark.

Build Suggestions:

  • The overriding guideline is to ‘be open and seen to be open’.
  • Freemasonry is not a secret society
  • Private members area are not encouraged
  • Have appropriate content and photos

Social Media Policy

We are also linking social-media-policy as prescribed by UGLE for reference.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions