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We have been asked several times if we know how many Freemasons there are.  So we did some research.  Many people will be surprised by the size of the number we feel. 

Did you know that there are over 200,00 Freemasons under the umbrella of the United Grand Lodge of England?

And that there are more that 6,000,000 Freemasons worldwide.

There are around 61,000,000 people in the UK, of which 50% (give or take) are male. Of those 30,500,000 79% are over the age of 18 (Source: Gov.uk 2011 Census) which means that technically 24,100,000 could be Freemasons, so 0.8% of all eligible males aged 18 plus in the UK are Freemasons.

Put it another way, if you were in a busy pub of a Saturday night, it’s likely that there is at least one other Freemason in there (try shaking hands with all of them to find out), or that there are around 6,400 Freemasons in Wembley during the FA Cup Final.

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