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How to become a Freemason?

How to become a Freemason?

We get asked the how to become a Freemason question a lot. Partly its spam, partly its people misunderstanding what we do, and some are genuine enquiries. The actual answer is easy, contact your local Lodge. Naturally if you become one of our client Lodges then any enquiries to us from people in your area we will pass on to you. Otherwise we pass the leads onto UGLE. One thing you shouldn’t underestimate is just how many people are searching about Freemasonry online, RIGHT NOW.  If they contact us, then they can contact you.  

Did you know that there are over 200,000 Freemasons in the UK? 

As membership is for men over the age of 18, that is XXX % of the population (Source: UGLE). Many people are surprised by the size of this number. There are around 61,000,000 people in the UK, of which 50% (give or take) or male. Of those 30,500,000 79% are over the age of 18 (Source: Gov.uk 2011 Census) which means that technically 24,100,000 could be Freemasons, so 200,000 is only XX % of the potential applicants.  This means two things, 1) that there are a lot more potential applicants and 2) without a website your Lodge is missing out.  That’s where we come in. Contact us for a hassle free discussion of your Lodges requirements and we can help you start to attract new members within a couple of weeks. We’ve helped over 100 Lodges in the last 11 years to do exactly that.

  Did you Know that there are more that 6,000,000 Freemasons worldwide?

We think that this is something worth celebrating. We are part of the largest fraternal organisation in the world, with our roots going back over 3 centuries.  Men across the world are thinking about this exact question right now, how to become a Freemason.  The first step is make contact with a Lodge or Grand Lodge. If your Lodge isn’t easily contactable how are you going to attract new members? People these days research before buying. If it’s a large purchasing decision or a significant life event, of which becoming a Freemason is definitely one, then this research period might take months and multiple web searches. Your Lodge needs to appear regularly in those searches results for your area. If you are clearly active, welcoming and able to answer questions potential applicants have then you are putting your Lodge in position to win this “new business” when they are ready to buy (join).  Seems common sense doesn’t it? Lodges that have worked with us are the ones in their areas growing attracting new remembers because they are the Lodges that come up in web searches about Freemasonry in their area.  Who would you be more likely to contact? So to become a Freemason, contact the most attractive Lodge in your area. Or contact the Provincial Grand Lodge in your area. Find the list of all Provincial Grand Lodges in the UK here. Ask them questions, they will be very happy to help. Freemasonry is a commitment of time and money, although the amount of each is pretty much up to you A(part from set joining fee’s).  Some members go to one meeting every few months, others go to a meting virtually every day! The process is one of several conversations, a face to face meeting, and then a proposer. After that you’ll be given an initiation date and you are up and running! This process could take a few weeks, its more likely to take several months. Exceptionally busy Lodges it might take a year. We won’t say any more as it is best left to be discovered by new members, but most members wish they had joined years before, and find that Freemasonry plays a key part in their enjoyment of life in general. 

how to become a Freemason