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Building exceptional Freemason Lodge Websites.

Here are some our freemason lodge websites, click for a larger view, details are below the slideshow

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Leyton Grange Park No.5473 – Loads of images and a deep menu are within this fresh looking website.

Peninsula Lodge No.99 – a website for a F and AM Lodge in New Jersey USA. This was an update of an existing (old) site, adding loads of new features to help them promote hiring their venue, and win new members.

St Georges Lodge 4117 – Simple and effective freemasonry website design for this Essex Lodge who want to attract more, and younger members

Certes Lodge No. 4606 – Currently attracts 3-4 new members every year through its website.

Emulation Lodge Of Improvement – Maintains contact all year round with its members, and also attracts new members.

RAF Lodge – Members are spread far and wide, the site is a central hub for them. it has also generated new members for the Lodge who were unaware it even existed before they Googled RAF and freemasonry!!

Lodge Of Prince George No. 308 – With some very strong imagery, and a home page design that shows off the best of the content, the website has more than answered the brief. For this project Masonic Website was required to convert text from printed pages from a ritual book, if this something that you need doing, or your Lodge would benefit from a great looking modern Masonic website, then we would welcome your email to us.

Semper Amicus No. 8237 – Semper wanted a website to attract new members.  The build also had to completed on budget and within a short timeframe.  We recommended a WordPress.com site as there was not the need for a more complex solution. The site design can easily be changed if the Lodge want it to, and we have shown the Committee how to update the site as part of the brief.

Pythagoras Lodge Mallorca – This is the first site we have built for a Lodge under the Grand Lodge Espana. We know there are lots more out there, so if you want to attract new members in Spain, then we would be happy to hear from you. This website is built with WordPress.org rather than Worpdress.com, which is explained in more detail in our FAQ. For this site the Lodge already had hosting arranged, but were unable to take this to the next stage and actually design the site and launch it.

University Liverpool Lodge 4274 – What to do when you have an existing website, but you can’t update it? In fact you have lost the passwords to it?  Get in touch with Masonic Website, and they will quickly craft (!) you a new one. You can then divert the old one to the new one, and update to your hearts content. In the process you get a site that is mobile ready, looks great, and contains all the info that you want.

The Kent Club – (Note we no longer manage this site, as they manage it internally. So we can’t vouch for the current design.) As an organisation for younger Masons, they wanted a site that could keep members up to date, but also showed off the traditional aspects of Freemasonry, which was reflected in our original design.

Edmonton Latymer Lodge No. 5027 – Modern and clean looking. We also provided a password protected members only site to aid Lodge communciation. The site has been approved by Herts Provincial Grand Lodge.

Hibernia Lodge No. 431 – Now that Craft Lodges are launching websites, many Mark and other Order Lodges need to be able to communicate with members both new and old. Hibernia contacted us with a brief to provide a modern, interesting website that represents this historic Mark (and RAM) Lodge’s personality.

Britannic Lodge Of Madeira No.134 – Another international website, a 2 part build the first is a simple holding page, which will then develop into a full blown website.

If you would like a website built for your Lodge, or other organisation, then please get in touch via the contact page.

We can create freemason lodge websites from very little initial information, or else we can condense huge amounts of information into a useful, legible site.  Whatever your requirements are we can help!