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Special Interest Lodges

We are a firm supporter of Special Interest Lodges.  The camaraderie from sharing not one, but two interests (Freemasonry and the Lodge’s theme) is truly fantastic and of great benefit to the social aspects of a Lodge. We would be interested if any of you have examples of any other interest based Lodges, and any views positive (or negative) on them.


  • Scouting
  • Boys Brigade
  • Schools and University Lodges
  • Sports – Martial Arts, Motoring, Rugby
  • Company – Banking
  • Performing Arts – Chelsea Lodge
  • Armed Services
  • Hobbies – Radio

We should say that if you are a member of a Special Interest Lodge, then your website really should make the most of the uniting factors of the Lodge.  Naturally we would be happy to help with that, why not drop us a line?


special interest lodge rugby

1 thought on “Special Interest Lodges”

  1. Another special interest is railways – in 2018 Permanent Way Lodge no. 9951 was consecrated in the Province of Worcestershire to cater for Brethren with either a professional or leisure interest in railways – whether the national network, heritage railways or model engineering. It is a perapetitic Lodge and meets at various places of railway interest i indeed one of the early meetins weas in the STEAM museum which is in part of the former Great Western Railway works at Swindon. Many prominent Great Western men (including Brunel) were Freemasons, and Brunel’s chirf mechanical engineer, Gooch, was Provincial Grand Master and now has a Lodge named after him. There was, in fact, a Lodge room actually within Swindon works. If you would like to know more let me know!
    W Bro Ian Crowder, 07775 566 555 or ian.crowder@icloud.com

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