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Lodge of Prince George – Modern Masonic website

Lodge of Prince George - Modern Masonic websiteThe Lodge of Prince George No. 308 is a Lodge consecrated in 1796 in West Yorkshire. With such a rich history designing a website for this Lodge could have ended in an old fashioned design. However, with modern Masonic website design (and in fact all website design) trends moving towards simplicity, so that they can been shown well on mobile devices, that would have been the wrong path to take. The Lodge got in touch with Masonic Website as they wanted to celebrate the rich history of the Lodge in a modern way, to both attract new members, and make the history accessible to those who were interested.

With some very strong imagery, and a home page design that shows off the best of the content, the website has more than answered the brief. For this project Masonic Website was required to convert text from printed pages from a ritual book, if this something that you need doing, or your Lodge woudl benefit from a great looking modern Masonic website, then we would welcome your email to us.

Here is what the DC said about working with Masonic Website

“A lovely new website (long overdue and needed) for the lodge delivered to us by Masonic Website. A lovely modern easy to use website whilst still managing to capture the heritage and history of a very old lodge !  Thank you for your patient and professional approach and guiding us completely through the process ! Thanks “

See more here https://lodgeprincegeorge.org/